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What is a MIC?

Dolphin Enterprises industry related experience and years of managing MICs allows us to provide a consulting service to brokers and people wanting to start a MIC but do not know where to start. Our implementation department has over 10 years experience managing all the data for MICs and as such has knowledge of security regulatory requirements and suggestions for ease. In addition to the MIC specific software to assist in the direction of your MIC, our consulting division assists in organizing your entire corporations. Please call us 604-685-6721 or email us at for more information.


  • Are investment pools that have been growing in number exponentially.
  • Provide alternative financing for mortgage lending such as bridge financing and construction loans.
  • Must meet certain requirements and receive tax incentives.
  • Provide an excellent and consistent returns to investors.
  • Require extensive data management and calculations.
  • Require management for Compliance

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