MIC manager: The only software solution made specifically for MICs.

The system was designed specifically for MICs. The robust software has been implemented for MICs for 14 years and is continually expanded with new features and functions as per the direct request of MIC Managers. Similarly, Dolphin’s team works closely with clients to ensure the system is configured and deployed to fit each MICs specific business requirements.

With over 300 MIC reports and over 30 batch transactions including electronic payments for investors and from borrowers, MIC Manager not only reduces administration time to manage a MIC but also provides a platform for growth.



Calculates all mortgage interest and dividends for MICs.

Integrates all transactions to a General Ledger to maintain accurate accounting records

Provides for a customizable back-end to tailor the system to meet your business operations

Automatically produces Forms for all Security Commissions.

Provides for the automation of Mortgage Regulatory reports

Execute all Share transactions such as Agent Fees and Commissions, which can then be recorded as well as reported from the system



The system was designed and enhanced specifically for MICs. It is comprised of modules for each different function of MIC Management. MIC Manager contains a module for all transactions, Canadian calculations, correspondence and reports for effective Mortgage management. To manage private investments, MIC Manager has a Share module to manage all Canadian Security compliance, reports, calculations and transactions for complete Investor management. Dolphins new MIC Manager contains an entire module for Underwriting private loans, Dashboard for analytics and a Workflow for effective time and task management. What makes MIC Manager unique is that all transactions are customized and mapped to a Chart of Accounts for a true and complete MIC Accounting system.

Share Module

The Share Module was designed specifically for MICs and is thus compliant for all provincial security commissions.  Since the Share module is MIC specific,  Investors can invest at multiple times with any type of investment.  Unlimited number of investor reports can be produced since the system integrates investments to investors which is one of the many unique MIC Manager features.

General Ledger

MIC Manager is unique is that it is configured to meet the specific accounting system for each MIC. Every transaction posted is automatically linked to a Chart of Accounts for real-time accounting thus removing the need to export accounting data and for duplicate accounting entries in a third party software. Similarly, the accounting system was designed specifically for MIC Management and will post accounting transactions automatically in the back end such as mortgage interest receivables.

Mortgage Module

MIC Managers Mortgage Module was built for the Canadian mortgage industry and includes all Canadian interest calculations – 88 methods in total. All provincial Mortgage reports and forms are included as well as changes in the industry. Electronic payments for all cash transactions are integrated to any Canadian banking systems. Correspondence such as Payout letters, Commitment letters are included and customized by the team at Dolphin.

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