MIC underwriting: Introducing Canada’s 1st MIC Underwriting to servicing system.

Dolphin’s MIC Underwriter provides the front end software solution for funding loans, seamlessly integrating with the new MIC Manager servicing software.  All transactions posted in MIC Underwriting and MIC Manager are further integrated to a back end accounting platform providing a full end to end software solution for MICs and Canadian private lenders.

MIC Underwriting provides reports and corporate analysis to assist with underwriting decisions. With the customized conditions, commitment letter and workflow, the system can be configured to meet your specific underwriting requirements.

MIC Underwriting


Seamless integration with Dolphin’s MIC administration system

Customizable underwriting conditions

Generate commitment letters

Integrates all transactions to a general ledger to maintain accurate accounting records

Executes calculations such as payment amounts, interest adjustments, mortgage amortizations and disbursement fees.

Integrated workflow management system

Real-time portfolio analytics


Customizable Conditions

Create your own standard conditions so they can be easily added to your mortgage commitment letter and sent to solicitors.

With Dolphin’s new Underwriting system users can now create their own reports including Commitment letters with three new report writers.

Mic Underwriting Dashboard

Integrated Workflows

Never miss any of your tasks again with our integrated workflow system. Track conditions, mortgage commitments, deposits and much more in our easy to use workflow system, ensuring you always stay one step ahead of your day.

With customizable dashboards and analytical underwriting reports, corporate analysis is provided for effective underwriting decisions.

New Customized Report Writer

Dolphin’s new Underwriting system provides over 500 standard reports as well as the ability to manage and create customizable reports. Dolphin’s team is always available to customize any and all reports, although with the brand new report writer users can now create any personalized and customized report.

Advance Batch

Advance Batch

Dolphin’s new Advance Batch was built specifically for Private Lenders to advance funds directly to lawyers and brokers all electronically, instantly while maintaining accurate and real time accounting records. The advance batch is fully customizable to suite the needs of your Private lending business and accounting practices.

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