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Dolphin Enterprises offers an array of products that offer data management efficiency and accuracy for your operations. Through the generation of reports, standard and customized, corporate growth is achieved through the systemís ability to analyze performance. Since all transactions are integrated to a General Ledger, accounting for your company for audited financials is maintained. We would be happy to schedule an appointment with you to review how each product can assist your operations with respect to data management efficiency and reducing administration time thereby increasing corporate growth.

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The system was designed specifically for the needs to manage a MIC. As the system has been implemented for a decade in this specific industry, many applications to manage different business cases for MICs are included in the system. Through this direct implementation and consistently upgrading the system, MIC Manager has the diversity and robustness to manage all types of MIC related applications.

The system is compiled in modules including Mortgages, Shares, Contacts, Configuration, Cash (Accounts Payable) and a General Ledger. All Canadian mortgage transactions and Calculations are included in the Mortgage Module.

The Shares Module provides for a full Share Registry system with all the required security commission reports. The system also provides for accurate reports required by Trustees for registered investments.

All transactions are integrated to a General Ledger to produce Corporate Financials. The system also contains a module for Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation.

Our MIC Manager software allows clients to easily manage their Mortgage Investment Corporations. Our software is transaction based, and accurately records and reports in order to produce required compliance reports.

  • Calculates all methods for the Canadian Lending Industry
  • Integrates all Transactions to a General Ledger to maintain accurate accounting records
  • Executes calculations such as interest allocations for recording and reporting,
  • Provides for a customizable back-end to tailor the system to meet your business operations,
  • Automatically produces Forms for both the Ontario and BC Securities
  • Provides for the Automation of Mortgage Regulatory reports
  • Execute all Share transactions such as Agent Fees and Commissions, which can then be Recorded as well as Reported from the system,

Mortgage Status Reporting

Mortgage Status Reporting

Calculate and Report

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Confirmation of Transaction Reports

Confirmation of Transaction Reports

Dolphin Enterprises Syndicate manager will manage all distributions to the investors that directly invest in a mortgage or property. The system will automatically disperse the payments or the software provides for various interest rates including prime plus for both investors and mortgages. The system will manage all property taxes, all provincially diverse tax systems as well as various business logics.

  • Integrate and automate data
  • Assist in the management of risk
  • Provide necessary forms and reporting tools to ensure compliance regulations are being met
  • Manage your clients mortgage business
  • Improve client relations

The system provides for a complete registration of Shares and BONDS for Private Issuers. It generates all types of dividend and interest payments for all forms of investments. The system will also produce Agent Commissions and Trailer Fees and produce all related reports. All Trustee statements can be generated from the system. As well as all reports can be displayed and viewed online for your investors and agents with our customized on-line system.

  • Transaction based reporting for all provincial Security Commission's reports
  • Customized Reports to assist in the management of risk
  • Executes various methods to calculate Commissions as well as Investor returns
  • Produces and reports Account Balance information relating to cash and all securities that are in the client's account required under National Instrument 31-103
  • Improves clients relations with the generation of customized Investors reports
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Our Web Statements application allows clients to efficiently and professionally manage their Investors, Borrowers and Sales Agents through a secure online system.

  • Allows investors to view the current and past holdings
  • View all dividend statements ever produced for any given share
  • View all T5 slips even issued to that investor
  • Allows Agents to view their book of business
  • Provide a mechanism for clients to increase their marketing efforts to their clients

Both the interface and functionality of the online application can be tailored to suit specific needs of your business.

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Dolphin Enterprises Ltd software automates the generation of Compliance reporting for all juridictions. The software is continuously adapted to record and report for changing rules for MICs, Private Equity Capital pools and Syndicated Lenders.

  • Executes calculations such as interest allocations for recording and reporting for all types of investors,
  • Automatically produces forms for all the provincial Securities Commissions,
  • Provides for the Automation of Regulatory reports for Underwriting Loans,
  • Execute all Share transactions such as Agent Fees and Commissions, and Interest Payments which can then be Recorded as well as Reported from the system,
  • Produces and reports Account Balance information relating to cash and all securities to meet regulations,
  • Manages and records transactions for required end-of-month account statements.

Dolphin Enterprises will continue to research and meet changing Compliance requirements by keeping the system up to date with all and any changes in Regulations such as new guidelines for MICS preparing OMs.

All customized transactions are automatically integrated to a General Ledger for a full accounting system. All transactions can be managed and the system is tailored for your General Ledger. The system provides for bank reconciliation, accounts payable and Accounting reports. The staff at Dolphin are also available to train you on accounting practices.

Since all the transactions inputted into Dolphin software are integrated to a General Ledger., audited financials are maintained. In addition, with the integrated Ledger the need for double entry is eliminated.

Ledger Sample

Dolphin software has over 250 standard reports. By working directly with our programming team, clients are able to produce any customized reports. In addition, with the changing needs in the industry such as MIC requirement for Bank Reports, clients are able to generate automatic reports specific to the Canadian Banking requirements. In addition to the ability to generate customized reports, Dolphin software also contains a FORMs module for clients to create their own system templates for all correspondence.

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