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Dolphin Enterprises' objective is client satisfaction. We strive to ensure that the process of conversion is easy and clients are effectively using the diverse features through our personal training. Dolphin prides itself by the outstanding customer service and being available to answer any questions about the software or best practices for the use of software. We are also one of the few software companies that will include new applications that are tailored to your operations.

With the addition of customized reports, in addition to being geared specifically to your industry, the software encompasses many specialized functions. If there are additional requirements and functionalities for your operations, we generally include new additions whether through reports and or enhancements.

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"We have been working with Dolphin Enterprises since 2007. Since then we have seen our operation become much more efficient; allowing time to focus on other tasks. We no longer have the need to use other programs to record & track information; Dolphin has the ability to do it all.

Shannon and her team are always ready and willing to modify Dolphin in a manner that is specific to how our company operates. It is refreshing to know that when you need a report to extract information from the database, Dolphin is just a phone call away!

Our team cannot imagine a life with no Dolphin!"

Franca Mercuri, Premiere Home Mortgage Ltd.

Reanne Harder
Paradigm Mortgage Corporation

"After reviewing many software packages we selected MIC Manager because it not only had the ability to manage our mortgage portfolio but also incorporated our investor portfolio as well as integrating accounting functions.

Automated generation of payment batches and dividend batches has saved repetitive manual entry and reduced the likelihood of errors.

Support staff is knowledgeable and helpful and turnaround time has been timely.

The greatest strength of the software is the consolidation of information for mortgages and investors all in one easy to use package. The software is straightforward to use and system training of staff is minimal.

The software definitely has increased productivity and efficiency and reduced the duplication of data. It has given us greater capacity to manage our growing portfolio."

Cooper Pacific Mortgage Investment Corporation

"We reviewed several software options when we were looking for software to run our Mortgage Investment Corporation and we have run flawlessly with Dolphin Enterprises package for four years. We wouldn't have been nearly as successful last year without using the software."

Cooper Pacific Mortgage Investment Corporation

"We very much enjoyed using your system and every now and then pause to be thankful for the amount of work I am saved every day - compared to of I was trying to perform my mortgage administration or accounting job using Simply Accounting or Quick Books! Horrors. Yeah! Many thanks Dolphin!"

Guy Pocock, Assistant Accountant
Cooper Pacific Mortgage Investment Corporation

Antrim Investments Ltd.

"Data conversion was much easier than expected and the Dolphin Ent. staff were more than happy to answer any questions and provide assistance during this period. System training required for staff is minimal as the software is easy to learn and use. Furthermore, management reporting / portfolio analysis capabilities have been greatly improved with the help of custom reports. A recommended buy."

Will Granleese M.B.A.
Manager, Business Development, Antrim Investments Ltd.

Joanna and Shannon:

Thank you both (especially you Joanna) you are absolutely the greatest tech support I have ever had the privilege to work with. I hope we have you around for a very long time.

Kim Osborne, MIC Administrator
CMS Real Estate Ltd.

Thank you for taking care of this for us so quickly!

Reanne Harder, Administration Officer, Premiere Mortgage

Reanne Harder

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