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Shannon Dolphin


Unique in every way.

Dolphin is one of the only software companies that offers one on one training directly with clients to ensure the system is meeting the full potential for each private lender. As Dolphin has created and implemented software specific and exclusively for Canadian private lenders, the software contains features and functions only realized after years of business experience. Similarly, as the management at Dolphin works closely in the industry, enhancements and new features are continually added to the software.

Dolphin stays current with Compliance and regulatory changes. The team at Dolphin prides itself at being responsive to the industry and as such included within hours new changes for Trustee requirements for managed investments.



Dolphin ensures that the software is meeting changing rules in the private lending industry. With recent changes to the CRM2 Phase 2 compliance, Dolphin ensures that forms are correctly updated to be in good reporting status for all provincial securities commissions.


Dolphin is one of the few software companies and the only MIC software company that customizes the software based on client requests. Dolphin’s mandate is to strive to meet clients’ full business needs and customize the software specific to those needs. By developing customized reports, clients are able to generate analytical reports of their business, allowing for proactive business decision making. Many of Dolphin’s clients have produced over 100 customized reports with the development team.


Dolphin personally trains you to adapt the system to fit the nature of your business. Training includes methods on how to set up and manage your accounting system, as well as the best practices for using the software to manage private lending and investment business.

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