Starting a MIC

Launch your MIC with Dolphin’s full suite of MIC products and services. From origination to servicing to a full accounting package, our MIC Management suite of products will provide an end to end software solution for your MIC.

Thinking of starting a MIC?

Dolphin Enterprises has been working with MICs for over 14 years implementing and enhancing MIC Manager software. Contact for recommendations on best practices and suggestions for how to get started.

Implementing MIC Manager software will deliver a ready-made administration system to instantly deliver a backend office. No need to spend days creating an administration system but instead have a full end to end solution with MIC Manager for all functions and features for effective MIC Management.


Please email or call us at 604-685-6721 to assist with your MIC.

Compliance Reports

Dolphin Share Module contains all required reports under National Instrument 31-103 and CRM2 regulations. MIC Manager contains current Commission and Fee reports, report 45-106 as well as the current required Investor Performance report. Compliance reports, particularly the Investor Performance report, require a record of posted transactions. MIC Manager is able to analyze the data in order to accurately generate these reports.


  • Investment Pools of capital which provide alternative sources of lending from the traditional banks
  • Must comply with the Income tax act to receive tax incentives
  • Must be audited annually
  • Provide an excellent and consistent return to investors
  • Requires extensive reporting, data management and interest calculations
  • Must meet provincial security, mortgage and compliant regulations

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