Share manager: An investment module for MICs and private issuers.

Share manager integrates directly with your investors to provide all record keeping for all types of investments, integrated to a Chart of Accounts for up to date financials all with the ability to generated CRM2 Compliance reports.

Share Manager can be used for any private equity issuers in Canada as it fully customizable on the backend for all different types of investments.   Share Manager will manage many different types of transactions, interest and dividend calculations all integrated to a compliant reporting and true accounting system. With the inclusion of Compliant reports, Share Manager can assist with maintaining accurate provincial and federal compliance rules and regulations.

Share Manager


Manages and calculates all types of investment transactions

Includes all Canadian Provincial and Federal Complaint reports

Records transactions to manage and report for NI 31-103 and CRM2 requirements

Electronic submission and validation for T5 as per CRA regulations

Over 300 Investor reports with the ability to have customized reporting

Includes customized report writer to create any investor statements

Ability to email investor statements direct to all investors

Share Manager Transactions

Record all transactions

Share Manager will record and report on all related transactions including initial deposits, dividends or interest payments, redemptions, transfers, payouts and partial redemptions.

Compliant Reports

Compliant Reports

The management and development team at Dolphin include and update each Canadian provincial security regulatory reports to meet the changing requirements as set by the Security Regulators. Dolphin’s team continues to be updated with any changes such as the recent changes to Form 45-106 by the OSC as well as CRM2 and Trustee requirements. The management team at Dolphin is always available to assist with regulatory issues and matters.


Dolphin and Share Manager are one of the few software companies that will customize investor reports. Share Manager can also be customized for the ability to email reports directly to your investors whether one of the hundreds of standard reports or customized reports by Dolphin or directly by the users using the report and letter writer.



With accurate record keeping, Share Manager can produce and file T5s electronically. Increase efficiency by emailing copies to your investors.

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