Web manager: An online portal for your investors and borrowers.

The system was designed with the specific needs of MICs and private lenders in mind. Built with over 10 years of hands on experience working with some of Canada’s leading MICs, Dolphin’s Web Manager is the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality.

Integration with Dolphin’s flagship product, Web Manager, means you will never have to double enter your data again. Web Manager integrates with MIC Manager so that you minimize your risk while increasing data integrity and work efficiency.

Web Manager


Seamless integration with Dolphin’s mortgage administration system

Faster & more convenient – access account information anytime

24/7 online access to statements and balances

CRM2 compliant

Allow your investors to update Know Your Client (KYC) requirements

Safer & more secure – no account data is sent over email and no paper statements sit in your mailbox

Environmentally-friendly – save paper while reducing costs

Update client details

Real-time portfolio analytics

Online Statements

Online Statements

Your clients will love our new online statements. Allowing them to access quarterly account statements, T5’s, payment schedules and account balances.

Know Your Clients form

Know your Client & CRM2 requirements

Stay compliant with Canadian Provincial security commissions with our KYC forms and CRM2 statements.

Client Relations

Better client relations

With an integrated web portal, you will be able to keep better contact with your clients. Promote further investment opportunities and special mortgage rates.

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